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The human body is over 70% water, why not drink the best?

Water is Life

Live Water is Restructured, Re-energized, High Alkaline, H2o


Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

With your first sip of our alkaline water you will know and feel the difference—and then you’ll never want to go back.

What if the answer to weight loss and better health was found in a glass of water?

We expect that once our alkaline water is available at home, you won’t want to drink anything else. The best way to understand this phenomenon is just to try it.

Start your free trial of our water today and start seeing and feeling the effects almost immediately. Who knew that feeling better is as easy as drinking the right type of water?

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Alkalized = balanced. Reduces acidity in your body caused by acid forming foods and drinks which deplete already limited reserves of vital minerals that can result in disease.


Antioxidants help slow down aging and degeneration. Free radicals cause disease and are produced by normal cell function and environmental exposure. These free radicals are effectively “mopped up” by drinking antioxidant water.


Allows greater penetration and easier absorption to cells for delivery of nutrients and hydration necessary for optimal health as well as supporting the removal of wastes from cells.


Our alkaline water machine is handmade in Japan, the world’s leading country in healthcare and longevity. This machine will transform your tap water so that it changes the way your body communicates, operates, and hydrates.

“My husband and I felt an immediate change in our physical well-being after starting our trial of Kangen water. Soon after we bought our machine and now we can’t imagine drinking anything else! Thank you Carla and thank you Live Water H2o!”

Tiffany Butler,  Live Water H2o Customer, 6 months

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With this small device about the size of a coffee maker, healthy alkaline, anti-oxidant restructured water will flow from your ordinary tap water. At the push of a button, this technology generates a continuous stream of 7 types of water for countless household and bodily needs.


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I cannot believe how much this water has changed my life. I've had the machine for four months now and can't imagine drinking regular tap or bottled water ever again.

Jimmy Harrison

Live Water H2o gave me a trial of "beauty water" (ph 4.5-6.0). I will be buying a machine from them ASAP and plan to replace much of my face washing regimen with just this water. Goodbye acne!

Cassandra Levinson

After my trial I just had to buy a machine. My family doesn't just drink the water...with 7 different settings, I use the different PH levels for all kinds of things...cleaning fruits and vegetables, washing my face, cleaning the house, you name it. Thank you thank you thank you.

Cassandra Ramirez

Are you ready to better your life, balance your body, and never look back? 

We have a system that fits any budget. Monthly payments are available.


Live near the Bay Area of California? Live Water H2o can deliver you water during a trial period, coordinate a meet-up, and/or a pick up.

Not local? That’s okay! We can coordinate for you to be able to pick up the water somewhere near you, so that you too can experience the countless benefits of this high alkaline, high-antioxidant, superior hydration.

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